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Best damn Americans are hunters, fishers, trappers, farmers, ranchers & OffRoaders! Checkout the BloodBrotherhood of Ford Bronco maniancs
at! These families are the heart & soul of making America great every damn day! These are my heroes!

- Ted Nugent, May 3, 2017

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Member Signup FAQ and Tips

NOTE:  Membership sign up is basically a 2-step process for the applicant:  1) Complete and submit application (allow 24 hrs for approval); and 2) After receiving approval confirmation email log back on to the site for payment options and submit payment.  (Paypal users see additional note below.)
Q:  What is the Member Sign Up Process?
A:  The process for new members or renewing members signing up for the first time on this website is as follows:

     1.  Complete the membership application in the Member Signup menu tab (under "Join the Club!")and submit.  You will receive a confirming email that your application has been received and is under review.

      2.  Once reviewed and approved, you will get another email saying your application has been approved and giving you instructions on how to logon using the User ID and password you selected in the application process.  
     3.  Log on to the site and it will take you to the Make Payment screen showing the amount owed for membership.  A drop down box will show 2 payment options:  Credit Card Processed on this Web Site and Print Invoice and Send Check.  If you select the credit card process (the preferred method of payment) it will then walk you through using your credit card.  If you are paying by Check OR BY PAYPAL then select the Print Invoice option.  For Paypal, go to  and submit the amount owed to
     4.  Once payment is received you will be activated as a Member and will have full Member access to the web site.
TIP:  Renewing members - DO NOT click on the "Already a Member? Click Here" in the red box if this is the first time you are renewing your membership using this new web site.
NOTE TO PAYPAL USERS:  The web site does not take Paypal directly and, once approved for membership, you will receive an site generated email instructing you to log on the site to select a payment method.  You can ignore this message and proceed with your Paypal payment.  Once Paypal confirms your payment you will be activated as a member.  Please allow a day or two because this is a manual process.  
Q:  How long does the membership process take to complete?
A:  Please allow several days to complete all the steps if paying by credit card or Paypal.  When paying by check it may take a week or more depending on how soon you mail the payment!
TIP:  Using a credit card is the quickest way to activate your membership.  Once the credit card payment is processed you will be automatically activated as a member.
Q:  How much are Club dues and how long will my membership last?
A:  Current member dues are $30 for a rolling 12-month period.  Membership also includes the Primary Member's immediate family.
Q:  Will my old User ID work on the new site?

A:  No.  This is a totally new site and new site software.  You will be issued a new User ID and password.  
TIP:  During the sign up process you can change the site-genrated ones to match your old ones if you choose, or anything else you want.
Q:  Do I have to be a paid member to have access to the member section of the new web site?

A:  Yes.  When your application is completed on the site and and submitted, you will receive a welcome email saying your application has been successfully submitted.  Once the application has been approved, another email will instruct you to log onto the site to complete the payment process.  Once payment has been received you will have full member access!  The new credit card process is the quickest way to get access!
Q:  I signed up and paid later in 2014 using the old system and thought my membership is good through the end of 2015.  Is this still true?

A:  Yes!  You will be receiving your membership notification shortly with web site log on instructions for full member access.
Q:  Will the new web site work on my smartphone or tablet?

A:  Yes, the is new site software is designed to work well with mobile devices.  
TIP:  A mobile menu will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow you to toggle between mobile and desktop/laptop mode.  The site menu tabs are accessed with the "ladder" icon on the left.   My iPhone works best in mobile mode but I like my iPad in desktop/laptop mode.  Your choice.
Q:  Once I get access, can I upload photos and post in the forums?

A:  Yes!  You will have unlimited photo upload storage.  Please start uploading photos and posting to the forums now!
Note:  There is a built in delay for Forum functions to be activated.  Please allow a day for full access and ability to post.
Q:  Can I upload videos?
A:  Not yet, but you can attach links to a video hosting site (such as Youtube or Photobucket in a forum post.

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