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Best damn Americans are hunters, fishers, trappers, farmers, ranchers & OffRoaders! Checkout the BloodBrotherhood of Ford Bronco maniancs
at! These families are the heart & soul of making America great every damn day! These are my heroes!

- Ted Nugent, May 3, 2017


Event Safety and Recommended Minimum Equipment Specifications


*** No alcohol allowed on the trail at LEBC-sponsored events! ***
LEBC has established the following recommended Minimum Equipment Specifcations for safety on street cruises and trail rides.  Note that different trail areas or OHV parks may have different trail rating systems.
Street Cruise - All vehicles must be properly licensed in the State of registration for on-road use including valid insurance.  Seat belts and car seats (as required) shall be provided for all occupants.  Vehicle must be in safe working condition.
Level 1 Trails - Suitable for stock vehicles.  Seat belts for all occupants required.  Battery hold down required. Hard top or roll bar required. Paint scratches possible, body damage unlikely.
Level 2 Trails - Generally suitable for stock or slightly modified vehicles.  Level 1 requirements plus front and rear recovery hooks. Recommended larger than stock all-terrain tires, recommended rear traction device (limited slip, lunch box locker). Paint scratches likely (depends on trail) and minimal body damage possible.
Level 3 Trails - NOT suitable for stock vehicles.  Levels 1 and 2 requirements plus fire extinguisher. Recommended front winch, front and rear lockers, minimum tire size of 33 inches.  Front and family cage recommended.  Body damage possible.
Level 4 Trails -  Levels 1-3 requirements plus front and rear lockers, front winch, front cage required. Recommended minimum tire size 35 inches.  5-point harness recommended. Requires previous DRIVER experience on Level 1, 2 and 3 trails.  Body damage probable.
Level 5 + Trails - You will already know if your vehicle meets the requirements for these trails!  (And you probably don't have much of a body - what's left is already scratched and dented!)
LEBC also highly recommends a working CB radio for all street cruises and trail rides.  
Cardinal Rule for all street and trails events:  

If they stop or you lose sight of them, stop until they catch up.
This prevents the group from stretching out and getting separated.
Here is a good article on trail etiquette:  Trail Etiquette

   Upcoming Events:
25th Annual LEBC Roundup

April 25-28, 2024
Katemcy Rocks Offroad Park (K2)
 Mason, TX
Online Registration CLOSED.
Register at the event on April 25.
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